Greg Coltrin


Nice to meet you. Well, we haven't met yet, but thanks for checking me out. I sell homes - there are a lot of people selling homes in Palm Springs, so the next question you may have it what sets me apart?

I have been selling homes full time since January, 2002. I have successfully sold over $110,000,000 in real estate (that is over 450 properties). These are properties that I have personally sold, not a team, not a referral, but me, actually me selling the homes. I am also a Real Estate Broker. Please take a moment to check out the State of California's website to see that I am a licensed broker (My license number is 01325243) in good standing with the state.

Buying or selling a home is process, not an event. When hiring a Realtor, look for someone who is competent, who works hard and who you will have a rapport with as you will be seeing a lot of them through the process. If you are selling, hire someone who is skilled at selling, showing your home and educating you on what to expect. If you are buying, make sure the Realtor knows the area, what you want and isn't just looking for the paycheck, but to help you find the right home for you.